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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Professional, personal, and effective Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service.
Our goal is to grow our clients' business."
Norman Bacon


Empower Your Website ...let Our
Internet Marketing & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) work for you!

Internet Marketing - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A website needs broad visibility and top search engine rankings in order to succeed online. Internet Marketing is website advertising, and name branding, on the World Wide Web. To be successful, Internet Marketing has to be approached from multiple angles and has to be consistent over time.
Internet Marketing includes: search engine marketing (SEM) ... such as pay-per-click sponsored advertising (PPC), social media optimization (SMO), search engine optimization (SEO) for organic "free" search engine ranking, and marketing of products and services on other websites.

When skillfully orchestrated, these marketing strategies will produce effective results.

Internet Marketing combined with search engine optimization (SEO) creates the best possible results.

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Our Search Engine Marketing Strategies - Grow Your Business -
Strategic Planning With Clear Objectives ™

Our Marketing Strategies Include:

check markNiche Marketing
check markPrimary Keyword Selection
check markSearch Engine Optimization
check markPay Per Click Advertising, Marketing and Management
check markLink Building - Back-Links - Reciprocal Links
check markMonitoring Your Results

check markNiche Marketing
Our marketing strategies include finding your niche on the net. Successful niche marketing is finding the right location for your business on the internet.

General Internet Marketing is broad and does not focus on any particular area or category. Niche marketing targets the people who are interested in what you have to offer and is a good way to create site traffic and name branding.

check markPrimary Keyword Selection
Proper research and selection of primary keywords is paramount.
Keywords are the backbone of successful online marketing services.

check markPay Per Click Advertising, Marketing and Management
Sponsored Links, Google Adwords, etc. are examples of Pay-Per-Click, Ad Placements. Effective PPC is dependent on using the best keywords that fit your niche market. Search engines charge different amounts per keywords. Frequently used keywords will command a higher click cost.

Clicks are leads that direct someone to your site. PPC advertising is a good way to create site traffic and name branding.

Niche marketing helps drive traffic that is looking for what you offer, as opposed to random traffic coming to you from a broader, less targeted marketing.

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check markLink Building - Back-Links - Reciprocal Links
A back-llnk is created when another website links back to your site. Back-links are a very important part of effective internet search marketing and search engine optimization.
Reciprocal links are links built between your site and another site. It is usually based on swapping links. It is therefore reciprocal.

Back-links are an important form of advertising and a great way to create site traffic and name branding.

We Create Highly Valued Back-Links
A highly valued back-link is a link to your site from another site that has content relevant to your web page content. That link also has a high page rank value. "Page Rank" is a Google formula used to establish the quality of a web page. If the back-link is from a web page that has a high page rank value, and has a clear content relationship to your web page, it will dramatically improve your site's search positioning, listing and create site traffic and name branding.

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check mark Monitoring Results
Weekly monitoring of your campaign allows us to adjust the campaign (if necessary) to maximize traffic.


Indiana Market & Catering
"Best Dinner Caterer"
New York Magazine

events catering new york

"To Whom It May Concern:
We were looking to further increase web traffic to our website and hired Norman Bacon for search engine optimization (SEO), & marketing, SEM. During the past year, Norman has provided Indiana Market & Catering with notable service and results. Due to increased web traffic, which I can attribute to Norman’s hands-on approach, our sales are way up……..even in a sluggish economy.

We were new to the SEO/SEM process, and Norman patiently answered our questions to figure out what worked best for our company. He continuously provided timely feedback with detailed updates and reporting. We are extremely happy with our listings on the major search engines and would recommend Norman's SEO/SEM services to any business."

David Turk


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Our Commitment

We are committed to our client's success. By employing our skilled techniques your site will receive more internet visibility.

We stand behind our work, our clients, our word.


Norman Bacon,
Internet Marketing, Website Advertising, Website Marketing Company Hudson Valley New York, (NY)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Pay Per Click (PPC),
Link Building,
Custom Website Design,
Website Hosting & Management,
Copy & Content Writing,
Graphic Design & Logo Design

"Go with someone who is qualified and someone you can trust.
I stake my reputation and company success on our expertise and integrity.
Norman Bacon

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