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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
makes a difference ...waiting doesn't!
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - SEO Consultant
Top Organic "Free" Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of steps aimed at improving the position of a website in search engine ranking. SEO is a stand-alone service, and is also considered a subset of Internet marketing and search engine marketing (SEM).

SEO refers to organic free listings, as opposed to paid advertising or PPC (Pay-Per-Click), such as sponsored listings, Google Adwords, etc.
Paid advertising listings are displayed on top or to the right of the organic free listings.

Benefits Of Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

check mark Higher organic free listings.
check mark Brand name building and awareness.
check mark Higher return on investment compared to other marketing
check mark Inexpensive source of qualified traffic.

Benefits Of Our Free Consultation

check mark Site analysis.
check mark Broken links check.
check mark Proper code writing check.
check mark An analysis of whether or not your site is search engine
      friendly. In other words, does your site allow search engines
      to index it into their own data bases and list it in a search?
      Just because your site is on the Internet does not
      mean search engines can find it and index it.
check mark Search positioning check, if any, prior to optimization.

Internet Marketing: SEO Grows Your Online Business

SEO offers top search engine placement that taps into an unlimited source of qualified visitors or targeted traffic actively searching for the products or services you offer.

Search engines drive more than 85% of Internet traffic. Getting top positioning or placement is a powerful online marketing strategy, and when done correctly, top listings can significantly broaden your internet marketing reach.

Optimization opens up the potential for many people to find your site without you having to direct them to it.

Help Your Business Succeed On The Internet. Take Action!

"I've had my website for years and I can't get it listed on search engines!"

animationWe hear this frustrating remark frequently. In many cases, web designers overlook the need for optimization. SEO is its own specialized field and something most designers are not trained in. As a result, sites designed from a purely design perspective often lack SEO strength. For example, Flash applications hold no SEO weight, therefore can"t be read by search engines.

We can help by giving your website a complete examination. Then, we will research search engine data bases for actively searched keywords, that best fit your market niche. We will examine your site"s file structure, clean up any code mistakes, structure your website to be accessible to search engine crawlers, embed primary keywords into your programming code and text copy, write copy, build networking back links, submit your site to the top search engines, and provide additional internet marketing strategies.

Last, but not least, we can examine your competitors" websites, determine why they are getting top listing and apply what we learn to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Six Step Process

  1. Brainstorming with client for potential keywords, and follow-up keyword usage research. During this stage, we work with the client to discover as many related keywords as possible. We research each search term (keywords) used over a ninety-day period, and we research how many sites are competing for these keywords.
  2. Selecting the keywords, or phrases (primary keyword/key phrase) that will most benefit client’s website search engine positioning and generate the most amount of potential traffic.
  3. A pre-submission analysis is preformed to determine current page ranking, if any, prior to optimization.
  4. Optimization of all web pages with the primary keywords and/or keyword phrases.
  5. Manual submission of your newly optimized web pages to selected search engines.
  6. Post-submission analysis. This consists of four annual reports after search engine submission.

Link Building

  1. Back Links
  2. Reciprocal Links

Skilled SEO Is Required For Success On The Internet

As the Internet is now an integral part of our way of life, it is also rapidly becoming much bigger and more competitive. In today"s business world, you must have a website. In order to succeed on the internet, your website must rank higher than your competitors". Achieving this requires SEO in all areas of your site. This includes domain and file naming, well constructed code programming, and well written text content with primary keywords placed in strategic text copy locations.

One could compare the World Wide Web to a large city where everybody has a business of one kind or another. In the traditional retail world there are three things that can make or break a business ...location, location, location.
The internet is no different. Location, on the World Wide Web, is top search placement, positioning, and listing.

Each search engine results page (SERP), generally has ten organic free listings. The top ten free positions get the bulk of the internet traffic. Generally speaking, people don"t search beyond the first three pages or top thirty listings. Top search position means more potential traffic. Traffic means more potential sales, and more sales mean a quicker return on investment. A viable modern business has to focus on the internet.

Our techniques can be a one-time investment, or an annual maintenance program for staying current with the frequent changes made by the search engine companies.

The Internet Is The Future And The Future Is Here

Not having a competitive edge on the World Wide Web is going to leave your website business lagging further and further behind your competition, who may be aggressively pursuing your customers. When it comes to the Internet, your website has to be visible and on top to succeed,without having to direct people to it.

Our Commitment

By employing our skilled techniques, your site will receive higher search positioning or placement and higher Internet exposure.

We stand behind our work, our clients, our word.


Prominent listing is the responsibility of
Traffic depends on the interest your site generates.
The conversion rate of that traffic is the responsibility of the business site owner. Rich content, service options, fees, and customer service are some aspects that will have a profound affect on conversion rates.


Norman Bacon,
Internet Marketing, Website Advertising, Website Marketing Company Hudson Valley New York, (NY)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM),
Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Pay Per Click (PPC),
Link Building,
Custom Website Design,
Website Hosting & Management,
Copy & Content Writing,
Graphic Design & Logo Design,
Free Consultation

"Go with someone who is qualified and someone you can trust.
I stake my reputation and company success on our expertise and integrity.
Norman Bacon

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